Thanks for stopping by. I am in my young 30s (I can only say that for another year) and I live in Maryland, USA, between Baltimore and DC. I grew up in NoVA and that’s where my family lives, so if you had asked where I lived I would have probably said “DC area” to sum it up.

I work in distance education. I love my job, and I recognize that some people from work may find this place, but my work life is separate from this website. Although I may talk about personal things I don’t regard Busy Weekends to be a personal site. It’s more that I want to write about perspectives and reality and understanding the world and its people, creativity and inspiration and growth… and sometimes when you write about such topics it’s difficult (or impossible) to do so without talking about yourself too.

So, hello, it’s very nice to meet you! My name is Michelle, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


I have been trying to think of the many things that have helped transform me back into the person I am and always was and should have been for the 7 or 8 years that I was lost. It’s hard to pin it down and of course it would be impossible to say one thing started it. However, I still would like to try to make the list, if not for the benefit of having a record… then at least as a way of showing you how even small, silly little things can bring you out of depression holes.

  • Beginning depression medication
  • That day (in 2016) I was driving home and I realized that the only reason I hated my commute was because I hated where I lived
  • Following a series of Instagram accounts that post pictures from history, including one that posts women of history, a few that post pop culture/entertainment history (mainly photos of actors and actresses), and one that is constantly posting photos of art which I love a lot
  • Observing myself knowing all kinds of weird 90s trivia
  • Realizing how much of a significant long-term impact David Horvitz had on me as a thinker and an artist even though I stopped following his work a thousand years ago
  • Following a series of Instagram accounts run by people who are photographers
  • Sebastian Stan, as a person
  • Reading zines and experiences about my mental illness and finally being able to put my past behaviors in context
  • Topiramate
  • Listening to my instincts about love and relationships, and making huge, dramatic changes in my life (however impulsive) — choosing myself over misery
  • Cooking without recipes
  • Buying random expensive foreign fruits at various grocery stores
  • Every time someone at a gym gets excited that I work out regularly with my mother
  • Carrie Fisher’s comments on writing about the mess that’s in your head
  • Vera Farmiga, especially in Closer to the Moon, a movie that despite its subject made me so happy in my heart
  • Paint & wine nights, and discovering how creative you can be even though you think everyone’s going to be painting the same picture
  • Taking myself out to eat a cheeseburger at Silver Diner, which was probably my first cheeseburger in 10 years
  • VHS tapes with random recorded TV commercials from the mid-90s on them
  • Watching movies on Netflix by myself (secretly)
  • The Instructional Design course I took in Fall 2016
  • In fact, the 4 Distance Education courses I took that both showed me how passionate I am about adult distance education and how terrified I am of actually getting a job in the field (besides the one I already have)
  • The following movies, which I either rewatched or discovered:
    • Begin Again
    • Across the Universe
    • Something Anything
    • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    • Red Tails, Perfect Sense, Pan’s Labyrinth (all in the same night)
    • Moon
    • The House on Telegraph Hill
    • Closer to the Moon
    • Destiny (1921)
    • A Trip to the Moon
    • Because I Was A Painter
    • Salinger
    • Hackers
    • Grosse Point Blank
    • Black Swan
    • The Science of Sleep
    • Welcome to Happiness
  • Seeing Postmodern Jukebox live and oh yeah, I used to go to concerts?
  • Spending 4 years immersed in someone else’s routines, stories, movies, and TV shows, and then coming out and it took me two whole months to catch my breath
  • Having an Internet bill in my name
  • The Totems art journal class from Get Messy
  • Drinking a whole bottle of red wine in 1 weekend (after no alcohol for several years), and later drinking a whole six-pack of cider in one night
  • Following painters and other artists on Instagram
  • Living in a home where I can dance

All these things happened in just under 2 years. And there’s more, and there’s more…

I do keep a slightly more private, personal journal where I write more specifically about my growth (and other fun things like living alone). If you are interested in reading it, connect.