I am on Instagram. I don’t post often and sometimes weeks between, but that’s mainly because I view it as a microblog. It’s a way to share my views of the world and the creative things I do (and consume) in a much faster way than writing a post, or taking photos to transfer from my camera to my computer. Since I sit in front of a computer all day for work, I don’t sit in front of a computer at home that much anymore.

You can also visit my Etsy where I have listed my zines. I want to say “I still write zines” but the truth is that the last zine I made was in late 2016 and it was very difficult to pump that one out. I have a series called Creativity for Introverts that I will complete some day and I have an honest intent to publish a personal zine called Exciteshroom twice a year. If you’re interested in learning about my older zines, I once made a website that lists them. (I am not sure how up to date it is, though.)

Here I am on YouTube. You can read about my YouTube on the Minutes page of this website. I do sometimes upload other videos when I work on other projects and I want to learn more about video editing when I have time to sit down and research the best software to get… but generally, Minutes is how I use that account.

Email for my address, if you’d like to write a letter… or just email to say hi.