Self-Care for Creatives eCourse – Coming in 2017!

Are you frustrated about the role creativity currently plays in your life? Do you hate everything you make? Do you struggle with creative jealousy or spend a lot of your free time browsing galleries of other people’s projects? Are you wondering what the point of creativity is anyway? Do you think you aren’t creative?

These and more encompass the worries and issues I’ve experienced time and again with people in my life, community, workplace, and world. Every time someone is completely sure they’re not creative just because they don’t paint or can’t draw well, a part of me dies. In response, I made the Self-Care for Creatives zine, but I’ve been overflowing with ideas to help others in a different forum. Hence, the Self-Care for Creatives eCourse was born!

We all struggle with this in some form or another, and it takes each of us a different journey to get to the understanding that everyone is creative and everyone has something to offer. My mission in delivering this course is to help you understand your unique brand of creativity and then do something about it. I can’t promise you’ll become a highly productive person, but I seek to help you appreciate your capabilities and know how to develop them when the time comes.

If you are interested in this course and would like to be notified when it becomes available, please email