New Stationery Design

Posted Dec 04, 2015 in Monster Hunter by
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New in the shop: Courier Felyne Stationery! For just $5 a set, you’ll get 10 sheets of paper and one Poogie envelope.

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Twitch.TV Stream

Posted Sep 23, 2015 in Streaming by

If we’re streaming, you can find us at MogaGoods on Twitch! Feel free to jump in the chat and see if we’ve got room for another player. We’d love to hunt/play with you!

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LINE Rangers x Monster Hunter

Posted Sep 21, 2015 in Mobile by
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Late to post this and also way beyond actually playing it much anymore, but LINE Rangers did a Monster Hunter X event! For those unfamiliar with LINE Rangers, it’s a defense battle game that uses LINE characters (yes, LINE, the messaging program). Sally has been kidnapped by the Alien Army, and your mission is to take your team of LINE characters-turned-rangers to rescue her.

For the event, Brown wore Rathalos costumes (red, blue, and silver) and Seregios showed up as a minion of the Alien Army. The event lasted throughout most of August (hence the late post) and if you’re like me, after intensively playing the game every day to try to earn all three Rathalos Browns, you’re totally burnt out and have already deleted it from your phone (again). Luckily the game is tied to your Google Play account (on Android, anyway), so when you start to miss it (and you will) you can pick up right where you left off!

Here are some screencaps:

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Neko Atsume

Posted Sep 09, 2015 in Mobile by
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This is one of those phone games that you can’t ever take off your phone, even after you’ve met your goal (which is for you to see the fat cat visiting). It’s not a match-3 puzzle and there’s no daily challenge, but there are lots of fun characters! I still don’t really get it, honestly. You’ve got a backyard with a bunch of random toys everywhere and then cats come to visit you to eat the food you leave out and play with those toys. You’ve got the messiest backyard, but at least they’re kind enough to play with everything exactly where you’ve placed it so it’s not destructive.

When they like you, they give you gifts. Cat gifts, such as sporks and jewels. You know, the usual.

Not convinced?

The fat cat was my main goal and I’ve achieved him but I can’t seem to let go…

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Making Videos Soon!

Posted Aug 31, 2015 in Monster Hunter by

I purchased Katsukity’s 3DS Video Capture Kit and can now make videos/possibly stream my 3DS games! I’m very happy with it, but I don’t possess the technical knowledge/skill to get the sound to work… I feel like we’ve tried every tutorial but still have had no luck. I wanted to make a video anyway, since this is so exciting for me! I can finally watch myself ride monsters and record footage of my felynes crawling around after me (not going to lie, it’s super cute).

Hopefully more to come as I learn how to use this.

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