The below playlist will show you random minutes* since September 2010, totaling up to several hours of my life. Do you have an while to sit with me?

* Most videos in this playlist are on average 1 minute and 2 seconds long, but some may be slightly longer. You can also view the playlist on YouTube.

This playlist is often/always/somewhat frequently updated.

Watch this playlist and even without too many faces or any names, you can see where I’ve been, how I’ve lived, and how apparently fascinated I am with driving videos. This is my world.

I suppose I just like the idea of only getting a snippet of my experience, like meeting someone for the sole purpose of only knowing them for one day. Maybe in the end you regret it because you had a lot of fun and you would want this person around more, but part of the significance and most of the meaning comes from only catching a glimpse of that life.

How you choose to receive the playlist is where you create your own meaning and define our connection.

If this inspires a project or if you create a Minutes playlist, I would love to know about it and watch it myself.